Alex Savage is a character in the Doc Savage adventure Brand of the Werewolf. Described as one of Doc Savage's only surviving relatives (although the books are not always consistent as to the precise relationship), he is murdered shortly before Doc is due to visit him at home. Alex is survived by his daughter, Pat Savage, who subsequently joins her cousin on many of his adventures.

In Doc Savage: His Apocalyptice Life, Philip José Farmer identifies "Alex Savage" as Alexander Clarke Wildman, the brother of Doc Savage's paternal grandmother Patricia Clarke Wildman. Their parents are Sir Patrick Clarke Wildman and Mavice Blakeney. Alex Savage's late wife was identified by Farmer as one May Renfrew, sister of Douglas Renfrew of the Royal Northwest Mountain Police.

Eminent pulp scholar Rick Lai has also identifed Alex as the uncle of millionaire John Savage, who was also murdered, per a contemporary Agatha Christie novel, Why Didn't They Ask Evans?.

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