The celebrated late-eighteenth century actress Alice Clarke Raffles is discussed by Philip José Farmer in Tarzan Alive and Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life. She is described as being the daughter of Monica Clarke, the sister of Violet Clarke, the cousin of Sir Thomas Stamford (Bingley) Raffles, the great-aunt of A.J. Raffles, and the wife of Sir Percy Blakeney and mother of his children Mavice Blakeney, Percy Armand Blakeney, Serena Blakeney, Suzanne Blakeney and Marguerite Blakeney. Through them she is the ancestress of many notable people, including Tarzan, Doc Savage, Raffles (as well as being his great-aunt) and Bulldog Drummond, all of whom recieved the genetic inheritence of her having been witness to the Wold Newton Meteorite strike.

It was evidence of her having been wife of the Scarlet Pimpernel that lead Farmer to assume that all the sequels to the original novel were fictional, and that Sir Percy's first wife Marguerite St. Just had died. Win Scott Eckert, in his article "They Seek Him Here...": The Demmed Fine Blakeney Family Tree, argues that in fact the Pimpernel was a bigamist who had families by both women simultaneously. Eckert's short story "Is He In Hell?" indicates that the arrangement was in fact an equitable ménage à trois. Her son is referred to as "Sir Percy Armand Blakeney" in Tarzan Alive, which would imply that he was legitimate and inherited his father's baronetcy, but it remains to be demonstrated whether this is the case or whether he became a knight or baronet in his own right.

Another Wold Newton scholar, Dennis Power, has considered the fact that Farmer does not refer to Alice and Violet by the same surname, and accordingly suggested that they were in fact only half-sisters.

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