Anthony hope

Anthony Hope Hawkins (1863-1933), better known as the writer Anthony Hope, is best known as the author of The Prisoner of Zenda, a swashbuckling novel set in the fictional kingdom of Ruritania, located somewhere east of Dresden. His protagonist Rudolf Rassendyll returned to the kingdom in Rupert of Hentzau, and Hope also penned an episodic novel entitled The Heart of Princess Osra set in Ruritania's past. Hope's other books, such as Sport Royal and Phroso, imagine other European countries in a similar romantic vein.

The Ruritanian stories - and to what extent Philip José Farmer considered them part of his shared universe - are discussed in Tarzan Alive, and the Rassendylls are part of his geneaologies in Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life.

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