Harry "Bunny Manders" is the sidekick and chronicler of A.J. Raffles in the stories by E.W. Hornung. A spendthrift journalist, he joins Raffles in a life of crime - without much enthusiasm for it - and ultimately serves a term in prison as a result. Bunny's history with Raffles goes back a long way, to their mutual schooldays when Bunny fagged for Raffles. Their relationship as adults is not much different.

A theory propounded by Jon L. Breen in his parody "Ruffles versus Ruffles" is that the versions of Raffles and Bunny chronicled by Barry Perowne in the 1950s, 1970s and 1980s were, respectively, the brother and cousin of the figures from the Hornung stories.

A science-fictional Manders manuscript, "The Problem of Sore Bridge - Among Others", was presented to the world at large by Philip José Farmer, who had identified Raffles as a Wold Newton Family member.

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