Egidnia Rutherford is mentioned by Philip José Farmer in Tarzan Alive as the mother of A.J. Raffles. It may be presumed that she was also the mother of:

  • Raffles's unnamed married sister, mentioned by E.W. Hornung in his short story "The Return Match",
  • Marjorie, wife of Sherlock Holmes from R. Holmes & Co. by John Kendrick Bangs (per Chris Davies's theory that she could not possibly be Raffles's own daughter).
  • the alternative version of Raffles who appeared in the fin-de-siècle Raffles stories by Barry Perowne, identified as Raffles's brother by Jon L. Breen.
  • Dinah Raffles, Raffles's sister in Perowne's works

According to Farmer, Egidnia was the daughter of Scott Rutherford and Suzanne Blakeney, whose parents witnessed the Wold Newton Meteorite strike.

In his article "The Incredible Raffles Clan", Brad Mengel identifies Egidnia's husband as James Raffles. He is not named in Tarzan Alive, but A.J. Raffles's descent from Alice Clarke Raffles implies (the perhaps obvious fact) that his father must have been a Raffles.

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