Ernst Stavro Blofeld was the founder and head of SPECTRE, an international crime syndicate, as chronicled by Ian Fleming in his spy novels about Wold Newton Family member James Bond.

Blofeld had one daughter, Nena, who appears in John Gardner's continuation novels. She married a man named Bismaquer, but succeeded her father as head of SPECTRE.

Surprisingly, Wold Newton scholar Win Scott Eckert has actually identified Blofeld as a close relative of James Bond, both being descended from General Sir William Clayton, who may also have been grandfather of a man identifable as Lex Luthor. Eckert has found that Clayton's daughter Aspasia was Blofeld's great-grandmother. Blofeld's father was Baron Karl von Hessel (believed to be one and the same as Wolf Larsen, believed to be the son of Professor Moriarty).

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