The discoverer of the Wold Newton Families

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Towards that end we offer the following:

What is this Wold Newton thing anyway? Quick answer--a shared ficitonal universe "discovered" by Philip José Farmer, built upon multiple works. A much fuller explanation (which we recommend reading) can be found here. In many ways the starting point is the Wold Newton Meteorite.

How does that work in practice? A matter of genuine debate and ongoing consensus. Quite simply, the notion is that many fictional tales are in fact chronicles of real events and real people--including some that frankly seem fantastical like Dracula. Generally, the "world outside our window" rule applies--namely, the Wold Newton Universe is enough like our own world that you could look outside and see it but not notice you're somewhere new. You could probably spend a vacation there without sussing to the differences. A much fuller explanation of the mechanics of how that works can be read here as well as here (and we recommend you do so). Or if you'd like to see some Wold Newton scholars explain some stuff, check out these YouTube videos from WorldCon 2004 and WoldCon 2006.

So what is the purpose of this site? Mostly as a central reference point where a researcher (new or experienced) can find information, review issues, identify details, double-check previous articles, etc.

In what way is that different from the regular wikipedia? For one thing, focus. This site deals exclusively with material that pertains to the WNU (Wold Newton Universe), and tailors its contents towards that field of study. Thus, in writing we presume that (for example) Sherlock Holmes is not a fictional character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle but was an actual consulting detective in Victorian London. External links include general information sites, yet aim primarily at those approaching subject matter in view of the WNU.

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