James Jorkens is mentioned in Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life by Philip José Farmer as being the father of Lord Dunsany's Clubland teller of tale tales, Joseph Jorkens. Farmer records James's wife, Joseph's mother, as having been a Mary Spade, who although born in England was brought up in America.

Distinguished Wold Newton scholar Win Scott Eckert has identified James Jorkens with "the Clubman", a raconteur who appears in of a parody of Dunsany's stories entitled "Sherlock Holmes, Dragon-Slayer (The Singular Adventures of the Grice Pattersons in the Island of Uffa" by Darrell Schweitzer, as published in Resurrected Holmes, ed. Marvin Kaye. The Clubman is said to have been a friend of Dr. John Watson when they were boys, and to have travelled much in his own youth, and his story grafts a supernatural encounter on to a reminiscence of the Great Detective.

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