John Cecil Clayton, fifth Earl Staveley and 14th Baron Grebson of Grebson, was a child prodigy who on reaching his majority worked to derive great wealth from slavery, and great influence through lending the profits to King George II. He was created first Duke and Viscount Greystoke for thwarting a Jacobite assassin with designs upon the life of the king.

At the age of sixteen, the (future) Duke married Hilda Rubinroth, a citizen of the eastern European nation of Lutha, and had a number of children, including:

  • Cecil Arthur Clayton, 2nd Duke of Greystoke
  • John William Clayton, 3rd Duke of Greystroke
  • Lady Brandon

The Duke's father had been John Clayton, 4th Earl Staveley and (in right of his wife, Elizabeth Gracia Caldwell-Grebson), 13th Baron Grebson. The Duke's paternal grandfather had been kidnapped as a child, although he later came into his own, and spent most of his life under the identity of the pirate Captain Bob Singleton.

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