Marie Chauvelin is a Canadian of French descent mentioned by Philip José Farmer in Tarzan Alive. She was the daughter of Jules Chauvelin (son of the villain of the Scarlet Pimpernel series) and his wife (who was also his first cousin). Marie married another French-Canadian, the harpoonist from Jules Verne's novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Ned Land. Ned and Marie named their youngest daughter Arronaxe for the Professor Pierre Arronax who had been Ned's fellow-prisoner aboard the Nautilus.

Arronaxe was the grandmother of Doc Savage. In Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life, Farmer mentions that Ned and Marie's eldest daughter Edwina Land was the mother of Sam Spade.

In his article The Land Family, Wold Newton scholar Brad Mengel has traced the other children of Ned and Marie, and their descendents, which include a number of celebrated secret agents and detectives.

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