Patricia Clarke Wildman is the name given by Philip José Farmer to the mistress of the Duke of Holdernesse in the Sherlock Holmes story "The Adventure of the Priory School". Their liaison produced the Duke's illegitimate son James Wilder, and she is said to have died following the child's birth.

In Tarzan Alive, Mr. Farmer identifies the Duke as William Cecil Clayton, 6th Duke of Greystoke, and "Wilder" as James Clarke Wildman, better known as Clark Savage, Sr, the father of Doc Savage. He also asserts that Patricia Clarke Wildman descended from John Shute Barrington, Viscount Ardglass, but does not address this topic further. In Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life, he identifies Patricia Clarke Wildman, H.G. Wells's The Time Traveller, and Alex Savage as children of Sir Patrick Clarke Wildman and Mavice, a daughter of Sir Percy Blakeney (through whom Patricia is a Wold Newton Family member.

Wold Newton scholar Brad Mengel has suggested that Patricia married Richard Henry Savage and that they were the parents of Victor Savage, but it is the view of Rick Lai that Victor would in fact have been her paternal half-brother.

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