Philippa Drummond, the sister of Sir Hugh Drummond, Bt., married Honoré Delagardie, a Frenchman rescued from the Revolutionaries by Sir Percy Blakeney. All, as well as Sir Hugh's sister, saw the Wold Newton Meteorite fall to earth.

Philippa gave birth to twins, whom they named Paul Honoré and Charles. On the deaths of their parents a few years later, the boys were adopted by relatives named Dupin, and in later life Charles continued to use the Dupin name. Descendents of Honoré and Philippa include Lord Peter Wimsey and C. Auguste Dupin.

The Delagardie family are described by Philip José Farmer in Tarzan Alive; nevertheless, he states that

there is textual evidence for the existence of both; their twinship [....fills] a necessary genetic gap.

In the French Wold Newton Universe, Philippa is said to have had an affair with her husband's (supposed) coachman Louis Lupin, and that he was the true father of Charles Dupin (or, rather, Lupin if not both of the boys.

According to Wold Newton researcher Cheryl L. Huttner, in her article "Name of a Thousand Blue Demons" (in Myths for the Modern Age ed. Win Scott Eckert), Philippa also had two illegitimate children by the French painter 'Carle' Vernet: Violet, who married the grandfather of Sherlock Holmes, and Carle Jr. who was the grandfather of both Hercule Poirot and Jules de Grandin. The article also raises the possibility that Philippa survived the accident that killed her husband, and - believing it to be as a direct result of the Conspiracy - instead merely faked her own death.

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