Ralph Rassendyll is listed in Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life as the second husband of Rhoda Delagardie. Philip José Farmer identifies their children as Bruce Hagin Rassendyll (i.e. G-8), Allard Kent Rassendyll (i.e. The Shadow), and Rhonda Rassendyll. Richard Wentworth (i.e. The Spider) was Ralph's step-son, being the product of Rhoda's first marriage.

Ralph is also described as cousin to Rudolf Rassendyll, brother of the Earl of Burlesdon. Eminent pulp scholar Rick Lai's article "The Insane Captain Wentworth" (in his book Daring Adventurers) states that Rudolf's uncle William (mentioned in The Prisoner of Zenda) is not Ralph's father... there must therefore have been a third brother (after William, and after Rudolf's own father).

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