Major-General Sir Richard Hannay, KCB, OBE, DSO, Legion of Honour, is the protagonist of a series of novels by John Buchan, and also appears in some of Buchan's other novels as a minor character. A Scot, Hannay grew up in South Africa where he worked as a mining engineer and served in the military; on returning to Britain in 1914 he became caught up in a German spy plot. He served with distinction as both a soldier and a spy during World War One, and had several subsequent thrilling peacetime adventures as well.

Richard Hanny was married to Mary Lamington, and had a son named Peter John Hannay.

In Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life, Philip José Farmer identifies Sir Richard's parents as Arthur Hannay and Colina Drummond, making Hannay a relative of Bulldog Drummond and a Wold Newton Family member. Wold Newton scholar Brad Mengel has suggested that Hannay was also the older half-brother, and to some extent idol, of one of Doc Savage's aides, Col. John "Renny" Renwick.

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