Roxana Fogg was the daughter of General Sir William Clayton by one of his sucessive wives, Lorina Dacre. Following her parents divorce, she and her brother Phileas Fogg were adopted by their mother's second husband, Sir Heraclitus Fogg. Roxana is thus described by Philip José Farmer in Tarzan Alive.

In Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life, Farmer reveals that Roxana had three daughters:

In The Lavalite World, Farmer describes how Kickaha's adoptive parents revealed his true background to him. According to them, his great-grandparents were a man and a woman who are obviously intended to be Phileas Fogg and Aouda Jejeebhoy; their daughter Roxana Fogg married twice, first to an Englishman who died leaving behind two children (one a son), and secondly to an American named Hardin Blaze Fog, the father of Kickaha's own mother Philea Jane Fogg-Fog.

The Fogs are said to be very distant relatives of the Foggs, and Farmer's reference to them is a nod to J.T. Edson's Western novels, as Edson had incorporated much of Farmer's Wold Newton Family into his own writings. Presumably Kickaha's parents were misinformed as to their adoptive son's ancestry; Farmer later confirmed to Wold Newton researcher Christopher Carey that the information in The Lavalite World was wrong, and that he had forgotten to correct it.

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