Sir Patrick Clarke Wildman, 2nd Baronet was a distinguished and wealthy doctor, living in rural Derbyshire in the mid-late nineteenth century. His parents were the supposed alchemist Sir John Clarke Wildman and Matthiette de Pierson. Sir Patrick married Mavice Blakeney, and had three children:

According to malicious rumour, Sir Patrick began to delve into the secrets of Victor Frankenstein, and attempted to create a Monster of his own. According to Hendrik van Helsing's questionable account in his book Hollow Dark Places, Sir Patrick even had access to Frankenstein's own notes. Whatever the truth, the villagers living near Sir Patrick's home rose up and burned his laboratory and notes; Sir Patrick himself was found, alive but on the verge of madness, and was arrested, tried, and sentenced to death, on charges of grave-robbery and murder. He killed himself before he could be brought to the public gallows.

The stigma of Sir Patrick's death drove his son Alex to emigrate to Canada, and his daughter Patricia to break off her engagement to the rising politician Lord William Cecil Clayton.

The sorry tale of Sir Patrick Clarke Wildman, and the details of his familial relationships, may be found in Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life by Philip José Farmer.

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