Solomon Kane de Gary Gianni
Solomon Kane (late 16th Century/early 17th) was a Puritan swordsman and tireless traveler through Africa and Europe. His adventures were chronicled mainly in a series of stories and poems written by Robert E. Howard. Four unfinished fragments have been completed by at least three different authors: Ramsey Campbell in English, Javier Martin Lalanda in Spanish, and Gianluiggi Zuddas in Italian.

In the story The Moon of Skulls is a reference to Atlantis and the Atlantean gods present in the Kull series, also by Robert E. Howard.

In one variant version of the poem Solomon Kane's Homecoming is a reference to two characters named "Leigh and Yeo" possibly Amyas Leigh and Salvation Yeo from the novel Westward Ho! by Charles Kingsley.

Solomon Kane has had several appearances in comics, initially published by Marvel and, more recently, published by Dark Horse. Most of these appearances have been adaptations of Howard's stories but also some new adventures appeared. Marvel Comics' Solomon Kane has had encounters with other famous persons, including Dracula and Conan the Barbarian.

According to Philip José Farmer in Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life, Kane had a daughter named Bess (whose mother, another Bess, died in childbirth). Bess later married a Clarke, and - so Farmer reveals - Micah Clarke was one of their descendents. This makes Solomon Kane an ancestor of many members of the Wold Newton Family.

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