Wolf Larsen was a notorious sea captain and (probably) pirate some of whose adventures were chronicled by Jack London in the novel The Sea Wolf. The only man whom Larsen was said to fear was his brother, Death Larsen.

According to research by Philip José Farmer in Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life, Wolf Larson briefly married Arronaxe Land before abandoning her. Their child, Arronaxe Larsen, later married James Clarke Wildman Sr. and become the mother of Doc Savage, who inherited his golden eyes in part from Wolf Larsen. Farmer also speculated that Philip Marlowe might be Larsen's descendent (probably intended to be a grandson) by Arronaxe Land, although most Wold Newton scholars seem to lean towards Arronaxe being Marlowe's mother by another man.

Farmer also noted Wolf Larsen's rape of a Japanese woman in The Sea Wolf, and suggested that Mr Moto was the grandson of Larsen and his victim. Wold Newton researcher Dennis Power has considered the life and career of Mr. Moto in an article published in Myths for the Modern Age (ed. Win Scott Eckert), and believes that Moto was actually the direct offspring of the two individuals.

Fellow-researcher Christopher Carey has suggested that Wolf Larsen is the same person as Professor Moriarty and Captain Nemo, Baron Karl and Baron von Hessel; the first two identifications, at least, are not generally agreed. More usually preferred is Mr. Power's proposal that Wolf Larsen is the son of Moriarty.

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